Welcome to Fell's Church

Fells Church has survived a demonic take over, with the demons fulfilling their plans and destroying most of the world’s humanity. However with the town being protected by a spell created by the witches the residents are still surviving, without their families and the rest of the town though. Now divided into different groups, will they all pull together to bring the town back together or will it become another war between them?

Upcoming Events: Fells Church will be returning from the 9th October, for part 3.5

character descriptions l character links/open roles
previously on fells church l graphics l rules & more info

fells church is a tumblr roleplay group and was created purely for entertainment, not competition or discrimination if you don't like the pairings, storylines or the graphics here then just click dashboard and have a nice day.

Will you wait for me? [x]

Will you wait for me? [x]

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